Since 1988 TECNOSERVICE S.r.l has been a leading company in the field of self-adhesive products: We are present on the international market with high-quality solutions, producing a complete range of special envelopes of plastic material for the most different requirements. Our strategy, always focused on the future, with a continuous technological modernization, allows us to satisfy with precision, professionalism and constant quality our customers’ requirements, always realizing innovative products following the never-ending evolution of the market.

Tecnoservice’s strong points:
- Max seriousness and reliability,
- Twenty years of experience,
- A steadily high quality of our products,
- We look after our customers with promptness and devotion,
- A qualified planning consultancy,
- Flexibility in production,
- Research on new technologies,
- Research & development of innovative products,
- Competitive prices,
- Quickness in service and punctuality in deliveries.

TECNOSERVICE S.r.l. is pleased to thank all their partners, customers and suppliers for their support to the achievement of this important target.