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Bubble & Foam envelopes
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Bubble or foam envelope with self-adhesive closure.
The envelope is made of a three-layers polyethylene with air bubbles or 2 mm foamed Polyethylene sheet. It is the ideal solution for the packaging of fragile objects.

STRONGLY MANUFACTURED: its material resists against tearing, bending and cutting attempts.

PROTECTIVENESS: thank to the presence of polyethylene with air bubbles or foam.

WATERPROOF: it resists against water and other liquids.

FLEXIBLE: it follows the shape of its contents.

PRACTICAL: you can fill it up easily and close it quickly.

Bubble & Foam envelopes
OPTIONS: Three-layers polyethylene with air bubbles 5-10-25 mm diameter – antistatic bubble or foam polyehtylene. Product manufactured only upon 10,000 pcs. minimum quantity /order due to the wide range of applications and various sizes.
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