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Self-adhesive packing list envelopes
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It is the self-adhesive envelope made of plastic material that perfectly sticks on all surfaces; thanks to this product, you won’t use metallic staples, glue and adhesive tapes any more when packing your goods.

Pac Tec for your shipments

It avoids the delay or the loss of shipping documents.
It eliminates the problem of the loss of the cartons during transportation.
It remarkably reduces those sorting mistakes causing delays in the delivery of the goods
It allows the fast identification of the carton at the moment of delivery.
It makes storing easier.
It helps saving the cost of stamps and envelopes.

Pac Tec as a technical support

It can follow your product everywhere, from production to sale.
It is therefore an ideal support in order to protect everything that must accompany your products (delivery notes, invoices, packing lists, instructions for use, certificates of guarantee, control receipts, identification cards, accessories, spare parts...).

Pac Tec as an advertising vehicle

It can be customized with the printing of your logo, name and address of your Company. In this way Pac Tec becomes also an excellent vehicle of corporate image.

How to use Pac Tec

You can put the document into PAC TEC through the back slit, than you remove the coated paper sheet and finally you can easily stick your envelope.
Self-adhesive packing list envelopes
Self-adhesive packing list envelopes
50 or 100 pieces packs with thermo-shrinkable film packaging.
Self-adhesive packing list envelopes
Cardboard dispensers for 250 pieces packaging.

First dimension: envelope opening.
Int. size: 120x85 mm
Ext. size: 135x100 mm

Int. size: 120X110 mm
Ext. size: 135X125 mm
Int. size: 165X115 mm
Ext. size: 175X125 mm
Int. size: 165X125 mm
Ext. size: 175X135 mm
Int. size: 170X240 mm
Ext. size: 180X250+30 mm
Int. size: 230X115 mm
Ext. size: 240X125 mm
Int. size: 230X125 mm
Ext. size: 240X135 mm
Int. size: 230X170 mm
Ext. size: 240X180 mm
Int. size: 320X230 mm
Ext. size: 330X240 mm
  VARIATIONS: Special sizes and customized printings up to 6 colours – minimum order quantity: 10,000 pieces.

OPTIONS: Re-closable flap or “OVERLAP” .
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