TECNOSERVICE S.r.l is a leader Company in the field of the special envelopes made of plastic material, it focuses its politics on quality and environment to attend a high-quality level for its products/services and for the complete satisfaction of the customers.

Tecnoservice’s main purpose is to get its customers’ opinion in order to obtain a feedback on the quality of the products/services and finally update its supply.
After the elaboration of the data collected, Tecnoservice proposes actions of change/improvement.
Tecnoservice periodically collects and examines the outcomes of its own training activity.
It promotes the monitored use of suitable technologies.
o It adapts its own structure and equipments to the regulation regarding safety and environment, and treats every personal information according to the privacy regulations.
o Our Company evaluates and continually improves its human resources.
o Tecnoservice’s aim is a continuous improvement by periodically checking that its whole structure is conform to the standards of quality politics and prevention of pollution.
o It carries out periodical re-examinations in order to check the validity of these standards.

Since its establishment Tecnoservice S.r.l. has shown a particular attention towards environment .
The attention and respect for the environment during all working phases has driven Tecnoservice to adopt these general rules:

o To promote development through its responsibilities towards environment.
o To realize an integrated approach to the topics of emergency and quality.
o To consider environment as a fundamental aspect for strategic decisions.

For all these reasons Tecnoservice S.r.l decided to improve its Environmental system in order to respect the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standards, writing up this Environmental Policy in order to show its interest in:

o Being always conform to all environmental regulations.
o Improving every day its environmental performances.

As a logic consequence of the continuous improvement of its performances regarding environment, Tecnoservice S.r.l focuses on the following purposes:

Promoting the sense of responsibility of all Tecnoservice’s staff involved into environmental management by training plans and awareness campaigns in order to promote in the staff a greater consciousness raising from the problematic about environment and a sense of responsibility towards the ecosystem.
Applying the best technologies in order to optimize the production processes and reduce the relative environmental impacts , as well as improving its efficiency in the management and the prevention of industrial accidents.
o Maintain both tools and human resources for the management of legal prescriptions.
o Making the suppliers more aware about its own environmental management principles.
o Checking constantly the emissions of the productive systems in atmosphere.
o Improving management and selling of the industrial waste.
o Reducing the use of dangerous substances.
o Cutting down on energetic resources.
o Documenting and promoting the adopted politics.













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